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1. Definitions

1.1 “Event Letters” is The Company and Owner of the Equipment

1.2 The “Hirer” refers to the Person, Corporation, Entity or Firm hiring equipment

1.3 “Terms” means these Terms and Conditions of Hire

1.4 The “Equipment” means all Equipment & Accessories supplied to the Hirer


2. General Terms and Conditions for Event Letters

2.1 These Terms and Conditions apply to the exclusion of any other conditions proposed by the Hirer unless otherwise agreed by Event Letters and the Hirer in writing.

2.2 Event Letters agrees to hire equipment to the Hirer on terms set out in this document. If the Hirer wishes to hire Equipment the Hirer must sign the quote, complete the Booking Form and such other documents as Event Letters may require.

2.3 Event Letters may in its absolute discretion decline to hire equipment to the Hirer at any time if it has reasonable cause to do so.

2.4 The quote or invoice must be signed prior to the event date. If the quote or invoice fails to be signed by the Event Date by paying the deposit to Event Letters the hirer agrees to adhere to these Terms & Conditions.


3. Hire Periods

3.1 Hire rates are calculated on a 12hr hire period or until midnight of the hire date whichever comes first. Extended hire periods can be requested by the hirer at the time of booking subject to the availability of the equipment. Event Letters will provide a quote based on the requested hire period of the equipment by the Hirer.

3.2 Dry Hire rates are calculated on a 3 day hire period. Extended hire periods can be requested by the hirer at the time of booking subject to the availability of the equipment. Event Letters will provide a quote based on the requested hire period of the equipment by the Hirer.


4. Delivery, Setup and Collection

4.1 Event Letters offers a full delivery setup and collection Service. Delivery charges will be calculated based on the specific event location/ event timings/ equipment hired and confirmed upon booking confirmation.

4.2 It is necessary that the hirer consults with the venue to obtain permission for Event Letters to setup on their premises and that sufficient space and power provisions have been organised prior to delivery of the equipment.

4.3 There must be a site contact available at all times during the delivery, setup and collection times for Event Letters to show the contact how to use any of the equipment hired. The Hirer must provide Event Letters with the name/s of the person/s and contact details.

4.4 The Hirer must make Event Letters aware of any permits, inductions or additional documents needing to be supplied no later than 7 days prior to the delivery date. Failure to do so may result in an additional $50 administration fee payable by the Hirer.

4.5 The Hirer is responsible for allowing Event Letters sufficient time and access to the venue for setup and collection.

4.6 Delivery & Collection outside of our standard Hours (Monday – Saturday 6am – 6pm) will incur an additional surcharge.

4.7 In the event that Event Letters is issued with a fine due to the instructions of the Hirer, the fine will be payable by the hirer by the due date set out on the fine.

4.8 Event Letters only offer a dry hire service for select Equipment hired unless agreed to by Event Letters.


5. Deposit & Payment

5.1 A Non-Refundable 25% booking deposit of the total hire fee (Inc. Delivery and GST) is required upon placing the booking to secure the equipment for the date of hire. The initial booking fee of 25% is NON-REFUNDABLE to cancellation, change of mind or change of date.

5.2 The total hire fee balance must be paid in FULL 2 weeks prior to the event date. Under certain circumstances, final payments may be made closer to the event date, only upon acceptance by Event Letters.

5.3 Orders placed less than 14 days before delivery or pickup of any equipment require full payment to secure the booking.

5.4 Once a booking is confirmed and the booking fee is paid, no items can be removed or changed unless given written approval by Event Letters. If written approval is given By Event Letters the hirer must meet the original booking dollar value.

5.5 If equipment availability allows equipment can be added to a booking at the standard hire rate, however, please note this may impact delivery setup and collection fees.

5.6 All payments must be made by the dates requested on the Invoice. Failure to pay by these dates may result in cancellation of hire and any monies paid to date will be withheld. All costs are payable to Event Letters.

5.7 All Custom Built or Special Purchase Equipment requires a 50% NON – REFUNDABLE payment at the point of booking to commence manufacture or purchase.

5.8 Minimum spend with Event Letters is $200.00


6. Loss, Damages & Other Fees

All items are used and therefore reasonable signs of wear and tear will show as they are continual hire items.

6.1 I being the Hirer accept full responsibility for the condition of all equipment during the hire period or until returned to Event Letters and will be liable for any damage incurred, or loss of equipment. All equipment lost, damaged or stolen while on hire must be paid for by the Hirer. The Hirer shall pay Event Letters the actual cost to replace or, at the discretion of Event Letters, to repair the equipment irrespective of the age or condition of the equipment at the current replacement cost.

6.2 Event Letters will take photos of the equipment once setup showing the current condition of the equipment at the commencement of the hire period, in the event of any disputes. The Hirer is liable for any negligent act, omission or breach of these terms and conditions by the Hirer or the Hirer’s agent throughout the hire period.

6.3 The Hirer agrees to remove any items attached to any of our equipment by the arranged collection time. Failing to remove any items will result in a removal fee set out below.

6.4 If an item is returned or collected dirty a cleaning fee will be charged.

6.5 Failing to return dry hire equipment by the agreed date will result in a hire extension at the standard equipment pricing. If the equipment is not returned within 3 business days of the agreed date, Event Letters will deem the equipment stolen and the Hirer shall pay Event Letters the actual cost to replace the equipment at the current replacement cost.

6.6 The Hirer agrees to allow Event Letters access to the Venue or Event Location to deliver or collect the hired equipment upon the agreed times. Delivery and Collection times will be put in writing to the Hirer via email to the Hirer’s nominated email address prior to the hire period. If the hire time exceeds the nominated timings Event Letters reserves the right to charge a re-delivery / re-collection fee or extended hire fee to the Hirer.

6.7 Indication on the cost of damage if to occur & additional fees;

– Per Bulb – $50

– Per Bulb Fitting – $15

– Per Remote – $50

– Damage to equipment requiring repairs – from $200

– Removal of Items attached to equipment – from $50

– Cleaning Fee – from $50

– Re-delivery or re-collection fee – from $75

– Any changes to the original booking – $50

– Relocation & setup fee – from $50

6.8 Any damage, loss of equipment or other fees incurred, the Hirer will be sent an invoice for the cost of repairs, replacement or labour. Payment is required within 7 days of the Hirer being notified.


7. Weather

7.1 Event Letters equipment has been designed primarily for indoor use, though they can be used outside in fine conditions. Due to the nature of the equipment, significant damage may occur if the equipment is exposed to wet conditions. If an outdoor setting is planned but weather conditions are not suitable for the equipment (e.g., pending wet weather, rain or strong wind etc) then an alternative location needs to be arranged for set-up.

7.2 Event Letters staff will take precautions and work with venues to limit the risk of weather damage to the letters upon set-up. However, Event Letters holds the right to relocate the equipment from any pre-arranged locations when there is pending weather that could damage the equipment. If no suitable relocation is found to set the equipment up out of the weather, Event Letters holds the right to refuse setup and all monies paid will be withheld.

7.3 Throughout the hire period, the Hirer is liable for any damage which is caused to the equipment and therefore has the responsibility to relocate the equipment out of the weather to avoid any damage. In no case should Event Letters equipment be left outside overnight.


8. Cancellation

8.1 Cancellations must be received by Event Letters in writing to Event Letters reserves the right to charge the client in accordance with the below schedule to indemnify Event Letters of any costs, expenses, or losses incurred should the Hirer cancel.

Refunds will be given in accordance with the following;

Cancellation up to 30 days prior to Hire Date – All funds will be remitted excluding the 25% booking fee and administration fee.

Cancellation within 30 days and up to the Hire Date – Full payment will be required by the Hirer excluding delivery fees within 30 days of the cancellation date as this is considered a loss of opportunity to Event Letters.

8.2 No refund applies for Equipment cancelled on delivery.

8.3 No refund applies to cancellations of Custom Built or Special Purchase Equipment and full payment must be paid by Hirer.

8.4 Failing to respond to Event Letters communication after the booking fee has been paid will result in booking cancellation and monies forfeited.

8.5 Any refunds will incur a $50 administration fee and be deducted from the eligible refund amount.

8.6 Booking deposits are non-transferable


9. COVID 19/ Exemptions

With the current Global Pandemic and the effect its currently having on the Events Industry, Event Letters is committed to working with the Hirer when the unforeseen arises. The below applies to Government imposed restrictions that will directly affect your event from proceeding. Event Letters will review your booking in accordance with the below

9.1 Any change of date/ postponement requests are required to be submitted in writing to and reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

9.2 If an event cannot be held due to Government imposed restrictions, all monies paid will be held as a credit for a period of 12 months from the original hire date.

9.3 This date change does not allow for any equipment changes due to a change of venue or change of mind however deliveries may change based on a change of venue or location at the discretion of Event Letters.

9.4 If your event does not occur within 12 months of the original hire date, all monies paid will be fortified and non-transferable.

9.5 Cancellations of postponed events will result in full payment being due.

9.6 Once a new event date has been confirmed Event Letters will move your booking across to your new date, subject to availability. Should any items be unavailable on the new event date, Event Letters will assist the Hirer with finding an alternative option. If no suitable alternative is available then these funds will be forfeited by the Hirer.

9.7 The above conditions are applicable for a single date change only unless due to a further Government imposed restriction. Secondary date changes will incur a $50 administration fee.


10. Insurance

10.1 Event Letters carry public liability insurance to the value of $20,000,000.00.

10.2 Event Letters recommend that separate “event” insurance be considered to cover against such eventualities as inclement weather, theft, equipment failure and any other unforeseen incidents.


11. Copyright

11.1 Event Letters owns all intellectual property, including all designs, literary and artistic works, documentation, plans, drawings, specifications, sketches, reports, graphics and logos created by Event Letters for the hire period.


12. Disputes

12.1 Any disputes must be in writing within 48 hours from the conclusion of the hire period for refunds to be considered by Event Letters. If disputes are not formally lodged within this period then no action can be taken towards Event Letters.

12.2 If any issues arise during the hire period and the Hirer makes no attempt at contacting Event Letter’s 24/7 Assistance line to rectify the issue. The outcome of any future disputes may be impacted.

12.2 Event Letters has the right to change the Terms and Conditions however notice of the amendment will be given to the Hirer. Notice of these amendments is deemed given when emailed to the Hirer through the email address by the Hirer on the Booking form.


13. Online Shop

13.1 Event Letters reserves the right to charge additional delivery fees for online bookings that fall on days such as Sundays, Public Holidays and delivery/ collection requests outside of our standard hours.

13.2 Online Bookings are for a standard 12hr hire period, Additional Hire Fees are applicable for longer hire periods.

13.3 Online bookings will only be confirmed once approved by Event Letters and a 25% deposit or full payment has been received.

13.4 Event Letters reserves the right to cancel an online booking if the product is unavailable or client doesn’t agree to the additional fees if applicable