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Pure style

Perfectly understated

These stunningly simple wire Geometric Letters will enhance any event background - indoor or outdoor, night or day. The bare geometric frame is beautiful on it's own however can easily be dressed up!

Fill to the brim

An explosion of colour

Another option is balloons! Fill the bare frames with colour-matched balloons to stand out from the crowd. On the other hand, mix and match colours to suit your style or company branding. These really are a brilliant option to customise for extra impact.

Our letter, number and symbol range is quite extensive, however you can shop some of our more popular combinations.
If you need some tips on how to decorate these frames, watch how easy it is!

Who knew our initials could look so amazing. The geometric ‘J & E’ looked absolutely great and everyone loved them. We had so many compliments.

Eddison & Johnathan
Geo Wire J&E