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Event Letters is a stylish way to create huge wow-factor for your Engagement Party or Wedding. It also provides some incredible photo opportunities for you and your guests.

From our small or large Light Up, Geo Wire, Neon signs or Cinema Lightbox – it’s easy to create something special just for you!

Browse some inspiration below or jump over to shop some of our popular combinations.


Our premium product for your wedding, engagement or other suited event, the 1.5m tall LOVE makes a fantastic statement in any setting.

Handcrafted and finished in a high gloss white, the 1.5m LOVE will sure capture the imagination of your guests and provide the foundations for great times and photo opportunities for both guests and the Bridal Party. The scale of these letters allows for beautiful colourful light to fill a room, dance floor or grassy area if desired, otherwise a lovely white for a classic and timeless look.

These can be used indoors or outdoors, however must be used indoors in wet weather.

Dimensions: 1.5m tall x 4.9m long


Our 1.2m LOVE Letters exude all that your wedding and engagement is all about, LOVE!

These letters make a statement and an excellent feature, though slightly smaller than the 1.5m LOVE, they will certainly illuminate any venue or event with white and/or coloured light.

Dimensions: 1.2m tall x 3.4m long


Announce your ‘Newly Married’ status at a poolside reception venue with our floating letters. Sure to glam up any pool party, these white 3D letters float atop of the water. These installations are typically bespoke for each event from a favourite saying, new last name or the Bride and Groom Initials.

We can provide the complete design, graphics, letters and installation of these floating letters. The utmost care is taken to ensure that the letters remain in place and connected throughout your event through our own positioning system.

Dimensions: ‘Just Married’ 6m x 1.5m

Geometric Wire Letters

Geometric Wire Letters provide the perfect addition to any style of wedding or engagement, be it a garden, beach or in a venue. Available in 1.2m tall range.

Supplied as a gloss white frame, they can be used as they are or let your imagination run WILD with additional styling. For instance you could use floral arrangements, balloons or fairy lights - it's completely up to you!

Dimensions: LOVE – 1.2m tall and 3.4m long Initials 1.2m tall and approx. 2.1m long


Initials are a simple way to add a personal touch to your styling. They take up limited space which makes them very versatile allows them to be easily integrated into most venues be it ceremony, reception, backyard or other venue.

Featuring two 1.2m letters and choice of central symbol including;
0.9m ampersand (&), 0.9m PLUS (+) aymbol, 1.2m LOVE heart.

Initials are provided with Event Letters signature white/colour changing bulbs which can be changed throughout the hire.

Dimensions: 1.2m Tall x Various Lengths


Event Letters MR & MRS, MR & MR and MRS & MRS letter combination is formed using the 1.2m tall range of letters with a 0.9m tall ampersand separating the combination.

Combination Dimensions: 1.2m tall x 5.6m long


After something unique or bespoke to your event? Event Letters has a range of symbols available as part of a combination or on their own, options available but not limited to;

1.2m Love Heart, 0.9m ampersand (&), 0.9m Plus (+), 1.2m Hash (#), 0.25m Dots (…)

With these symbols, the options are unlimited and up to your imagination.


Perfect addition to any venue or dance floor is Event Letters light-up DANCE letters in our 1.2m tall range of letters.

These letters are set to Light Up the D-floor and get everyone on their feet.

Shown here with the White colour setting, but can also change to a particular colour or rotating through all colours of the rainbow.

Dimensions: 1.2m Tall x 4.8m Long


This is where you let your imagination run WILD to create your own combinations of letters, numbers and/or symbols.

For example you can spell out hashtags, display nicknames or words of significance. Event Letters can assist in making them a reality.

If there is something you are chasing that has not been listed, please send through an enquiry as we can custom manufacture any letter or symbol to order.


No one will question where to obtain a drink with these fantastic 1.2m tall BAR letters lighting up your event space.

Shown with the festoon bulb, these are also available with the frosted white/colour changing bulbs.

Dimensions: 1.2m Tall x 2.8m Long (Can fit onto a 2.4m table when staggered)


Featuring interchangeable clear letters, mix it up with your favourite saying in a glowing show of colour!

Customisable for your event using stickers available to suit event theming, reflect wedding stationery or display event hashtag. Perfect addition to any present table, wishing well or photobooth. Light boxes emit subtle warm white light OR colour changing through the frosted front to highlight the text.

Large — 1.2m tall
Small — 0.3m tall x 0.2m deep x 1.1m long


The key two words to any wedding day is I DO! So what better way to show the importance of these words that putting them up in 1.2m tall gloss white illuminated letters.

Subtle yet powerful, these letters will provide the excellent backdrop to your ceremony or reception.

Dimensions: 1.2m tall x 2.4m long (inc. space)

Get some tips & tricks on our YouTube Channel!
For example, how to decorate our Geo Wire letters.